today i learned – thurs 2nd nov 2017

i’m currently sat listening to gregory porter’s new nat king cole album 😎 … it’s ruddy sublime 😍 (seriously, go listen #notanad)

in honour of yet another masterpiece of an album, we’re going for a gregory porter fact 👍🏻

#tdil the reason why mr.porter always wears his signature flat cap 🧢

if you’ve ever seen anything gregory porter – album artwork, performances, interviews – you’ll have almost certainly noticed that greg is always wearing a hat that looks like a flat cap combined with a balaclava that covers his ears and chin.

(side note: the below song just came on … it’s sublime)

anyway! greg (i hope he doesn’t mind me calling him that 😳 … although, let’s face it, he ain’t reading this 🙃) calls this hat his ‘jazz hat’ and says that it acts as a bit of a security blanket 👍🏻 …. when your job is performing in front of millions of people, i really can’t blame him 😶

the origins of his hat wearing aren’t 100% clear but he did once tell that he had some surgery on his skin, so it became his look for a little while … now he’s known for it … it’s his ‘look to rock!’

apparently, he’s often recognised because of that hat these days 🙂 … he mentioned in one interview that at airports he’s sometimes asked to sing to prove it’s him 😂 … although, i don’t know if that means he ever has to remove the hat 🤔

anyway … that’s that! you’re now smarter than you were before 😬 now, stop doing any work and thoroughly enjoy the amazingness that is ‘hey laura’

lates homie 🤙🏻 #tdil


if you feel like something to read whilst you listen to some musical goodness, you can find more sick facts ->here<-

(good ole mr.porter doing his thing in the header today 👍🏻 license is ->here<-)

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