today i learned – tues 31st oct 2017

smashed my iphone today 🙂 life is totally ok 🙃 as such, i tried to find a smashing fact about broken iphones … i failed 😅

but then i remembered it’s the bake off final! we’re having an actual bake off fact on actual bake off day!!! #itsamiracle #nospoilers

#tdil it’s really really hard to get on the great british bake off 😳 (this is based on old bake off! can’t imagine new bake off is much different)

sadly, it’s the final of bake off tonight 😢 i’m going to miss it’s sweet on screen goodness 🎂 that said, for any of you budding bakers, it means that you’ll be able to prepare for your chance to be on the show!

turns out, it’s actually really hard to get on the show 🙃 thinking of applying? here’s what you should expect from the gruelling process!

firstly, there’s the mad application form … while you may think that it’s a big form to do with your baking experience and how much you know about cake, it actually includes all sorts of stuff about your personality! #getdemfuturestarson

providing that you get through that seven pages of questions and they like you, the next stage is to have a phone call with a researcher … a 45 minute phone call 😳 … the bake off peeps are pretty darn thorough 😂. during this phone call, you have to talk the researcher through a few recipes 🥧.

after that (yep, we’re still going) you actually get to do some baking 😏 to start, you have to take two bakes to london for an audition. you also have an interview with a producer and get to do your first screen test … to see if you’re any good on telly 📺.

almost there 🙈 next step is a second audition in which you get to make a technical bake that was set by the pro bakers. this is once again in front of the cameras 👍🏻. you also have to take your own bake with you … one that you previously discussed with the bake off dudes.

right, if you’ve made it through all of that madness, the final stage is an interview with the show’s psychologist! 🤓 … this is to check that you’ll be able to cope with the pressure of being on one of the biggest shows out there … you know, you don’t want to be broken by bake off!

once you’ve done all of that and been selected for the show, you’ll have to let the show peeps know all of your proposed bakes for the season 🙂 (they let you know all of the challenges) … this bit is easy 👍🏻

it’s not all smiles and rainbows if you get on the show 🙁 bake off is a really expensive show to be involved with – bar the final, contestants have to supply all of their own ingredients! 🙈

and there you go! you’re now prepared to enter bake off! (well, old bake off 😂) … everything about new bake off is identical to the old show, so i guess this is pretty much the same lol.

go forth and get on the telly y’all! 😎 (the amount of glass in my finger after writing this isn’t even funny 😭)

good luck to all of the finalists, by the way!!!!

bye y’all! 🎃 #tdil


this was longer than planned … but i proper enjoyed it 😬 if you want more facts about good random stuff, just go ->here<-

(pictures of cake always make me hungry 😭 … license for that picture is ->here<-)

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