today i learned – sun 29th oct 2017

right! straight to it today 🤓 it’s that time of year again where we all get confused by the clocks changing 🙃

apparently, they went back again at 2am this morn 👍🏻 #extratimeinbed … anyway, ever wondered why this happens? i did 🤔

#tdil where the idea for changing the clocks twice a year came from! ⏰

it’s a weird one isn’t it – why do we bother changing the clocks twice a year? like, what does it actually accomplish? 😅 well, it turns out that the original idea only came around in 1907 because a dude wanted us brits to enjoy the summer sun more 👍🏻

his name was william willett, he was an edwardian builder and he noticed that, in the summer, us britons were still asleep when the sun was up ☀️.

in order to try and get us to support his new idea, he did the only logical thing that you could in 1907 – he made a pamphlet! called ‘the waste of daylight’ it aimed to make people get up earlier due to both health benefits and a £2.5million saving to the country (not sure how that works).

william’s plan was actually to move the clocks forward by 80 minutes in small increments throughout april and then the reverse in september, when the clocks went back again. unfortunately, his proposed ‘daylight saving bill’ wasn’t the one for parliament 😢 #notkeen

no bother, willett was made of tougher stuff 💪🏻 he kept pushing his bill all the way up until he died in 1915 😢 #ripdude. even so, his hard work paid off! a year later, germany adopted his bill … then britain followed a suit (correct suit? 🤔) a month later … then belgium, france, etc, etc 😂

who knew, germany are trend setters! 😎 i wonder if we’d have ever started daylight saving if they hadn’t? 🤔

anyway! remember to change your clocks peeps!

goodbye 🙂 #tdil


feel like you need something to do in your new found extra hour? no worries, just go read more stuff ->here<-

(i still can’t save high res pictures on meh phone 😭 so i apologise if the quality is rubbish! license is ->here<-)

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