today i learned – thurs 26th oct 2017

as i’m a bit of a child, i’m rather into the mayhem that you can cause with an unlimited supply of sticky notes … especially when your colleagues are out of the office 😈

turns out, they have quite an interesting past 😱 … that’s something that i never thought i’d say 😂

#tdil that sticky notes were actually created as the result of two different accidents 🙈

so yeah, there’s a happy accident and then there’s creating the sticky note! 😂 dude had a real good day 👍🏻

the dude in question is actually a guy named spencer silver 👨🏻. in 1968 he worked for 3m and was tasked with creating aerospace grade, super strong, adhesives … like, adhesives for sticking planes together! ✈️

unfortunately, what he actually created was an adhesive agent named ‘acrylate copolymer microspheres’ … whilst it was super weak, it was pressure sensitive, left no residue and was reusable 👍🏻

problem was, 3m had no use for a weak adhesive that had pretty much zero use whatsoever 😅 #awks. eventually, management did have an idea and decided to use the adhesive around the edge of bulletin boards, so that peeps could stick paper to it (kind of like a reverse post-it note).

well, he couldn’t catch a break until choir singer and 3m product development engineer, art fry, came up with accident number two.

you see, fry regularly had an issue with song markers in his hymn book going missing 😒 … so he decided that silver’s adhesive could come in handy.

fry and silver decided that the bulletin board idea was backwards – the adhesive should be on the paper! then it can stick to anything #thepossibilitesareendless.

at first, they had a merh as the adhesive would often stay stuck to the object when the paper was removed 🙃 … lots of work went into it (seven years of work and subsequent rejection to be exact) and eventually they managed to fix the issue 😏

this has turned out to be really long 😳 soz peeps 😅 there’s soooo much more to this … if you’d like to read more, my source is ->here<- (that blog is pretty much this one but better … there aren’t emojis though … so please come back peeps 👍🏻)

i’m now going to leave you to enjoy your day 🙈

byyeeeeee 😎 #tdil


i genuinely enjoyed this one, that’s two in a row! 😱 if you’d like to read some more good stuff, you just need to go ->here<-

(gotta love a picture of some well organised sticky notes 😍 the license is ->here<-)

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