today i learned – weds 25th oct 2017

it’s another bake off special again today! 😬 … i’m going to miss these when bake off ends 😢

anyway, instead of baking based facts, today we’re going behind the scenes! 🤩

#tdil that, during a season of the great british bake off, a lot of victoria sponges get made by the crew! 🤤

after reading loads of behind the scenes facts, i’ve actually decided that i need a career change – the gbbo crew are living the actual life 😱 #allthecake … they get all of the leftovers and everything!?

anyway, on with the fact! the reason for the crew making lots of victoria sponges isn’t because they want to become bakers themselves … it’s actually the way that they test all of the ovens before filming the show!

you see, in a show where everyone is super dependant on their oven, the last thing that you want is a faulty oven 🙈 as such, the crew make a vicky sponge in every oven that’s going to be used, every single episode 🙌🏻

despite the crew consisting of 50 people … that’s a lot of vicky sponge goodness 😏 i like to think that they have the crew’s version of gbbo every week before the show is filmed 😂

right! just a quick one today, but i couldn’t not write about this … just liked it for some reason 😬

go forth and bake you beautiful lot 😘

cheerio! 😎 #tdil


love a good bake off fact! one day i’ll be organised and look into baking facts on the actual day of bake off 😂 until then, you can read more super cool facts ->here<-

(today’s picture was accidentally quite christmassy 😅 meh … license is ->here<-

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