today i learned – tues 24th oct 2017

unlike 90% of this blog, today’s fact won’t help you in a pub quiz … but it might just help you in actual real life 👍🏻

if you’re a motorist, you might find this one interesting 🙂 … i drive a lot but i didn’t know this!

#tdil that smart motorways have little lay-bys called ‘emergency refuge areas’ for if you breakdown 🚗

firstly … let’s just take a moment to appreciate how much of a stupid idea it is to remove the hard shoulder from motorways 😒 … like, i drive a drift car that likes to be broken 🙃 #accidentwaitingtohappen

anyway … rant over … on with the fact! to help drivers that encounter a breakdown or are in an accident, there are emergency refuge areas every 1.5miles on smart motorways 👍🏻

they’re marked with a big blue sign, have orange tarmac (apparently) and have an sos telephone. they’re for use in an emergency … so if you’re on a busy smart motorway with all four lanes in use … hope you’re near an emergency refuge area if you break down! 🚘

if you do happen to end up in one, you should stick ya hazards on, get behind the safety barrier and then use the emergency telephone to speak to important peeps … they’ll give you further instructions 🤙🏻

something you probably don’t know is that, when you’re ready to leave the emergency refuge area, you should pick up the emergency phone again and let the important peeps know … they’ll close the inside lane for you (because they’re nice) so that you can pull out 😬

i genuinely had no idea what those little lay-bys were for! i’m not alone either … according to the rac, 52% of motorists have no idea what the lay-bys are for! 😱

thanks to this post, you’re no longer in that 52% 😏 #yourewelcome. see, i told you this post would be worthwhile 😆

on that note, i’ll catch you again tomorrow ✌🏻

byyeeeeee 🤖 #tdil


after that unusually useful post, you might feel like you need some useless rubbish? if you do, just head ->here<-

(that image of an actual emergency refuge area is from the highways agency … the license is ->here<-)

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