today i learned – sat 21st oct 2017

ever since my holiday at the beginning of last month, i’ve been proudly ‘sculpting’ a thing on my face that i have affectionally named #fakebeard 🧔🏻

in honour of my #fakebeard, i thought that i would take a look at someone who really didn’t struggle with facial hair growth 🙌🏻

#tdil that the beard of the dude who set the record for ‘world’s longest beard’ is currently in storage at the smithsonian! 😱

it belonged to a dude called hans langseth and it comes in at a total length of 17ft 6in … that’s 5.33m 😳 #beardenvy. despite the fact that hans died in 1927, his beast of a facial fur still holds the guinness world record for world’s longest beard!

wondering how long it takes to grow a beard that’s over 5m long? well, hans started growing his when he was 19, so that he could enter a local beard-growing contest 🙈 … after the contest, he just didn’t stop growing it! 😅

he grew the beard for so long that it actually changes colour from start to finish … you know, because as you get older, your hair changes colour 🧓🏻

turns out it isn’t as easy as you’d think to grow the world’s longest beard! you see, beard hair can only grow to about five feet before it dies ☠️ meaning that hans had to start matting all of the dead hair together into coils … think face dreadlocks 👍🏻

anyway, wondering how hans’ beard ended up in storage at the smithsonian? well, his final wish was that, after his open-casket funeral, his beard would be cut off and saved because memories 🙂

after sitting in a box (i assume a huge box) in his son’s attic for a real long time, hans’ beard was eventually donated to the smithsonian for the purpose of research 👩🏻‍⚕️

that’s pretty much everything! hopefully this was both interesting and it filled you with beard envy 😏 who doesn’t want a beard that touches the floor before heading back up and over your shoulder?

ok … possibly overkill 😂

au revoir! 😎 #tdil


i feel like there’s a pub quiz out there somewhere where this fact will be useful 👍🏻 if not, go learn some other good stuff ->here<-

(that image is of hans’ beard being used as a skipping rope!? 😱 it’s nuts! Lol … image credit: wellcome library, london 👍🏻 license ->here<-)

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