today i learned – fri 20th oct 2017

today, we’re heading back into the world of animals to once again prove that mother nature is rather good at her job 👍🏻

no, but seriously, this fact literally blew my mind a little bit 🤯 (<- that’s a mindblown emoji from ios11.1 … hopefully you can see it)

#tdil that hippos automatically surface to breathe … even when they’re asleep?! 😱

so yeah, how nuts is that?! hippos are so efficient at living in water that they surface for air automagically … like, they don’t even think about it?! it’s just like breathing to them! 🤓

you see, hippos don’t do well out of the water … it just isn’t good for their complexion 💁🏻‍♀️ as such, they spend pretty much all of their life enjoying a swim (to such an extent that they can swim from the moment they’re born?!)

they dislike being out of water so much (i don’t think it’s actually a choice) that they even sleep underwater! 😴

that said, even though they spend most of their lives swimming, they can only hold their breath for a maximum of five minutes 😒 not ideal when you need to catch a good amount of z’s.

no bother, even when sleeping, they automatically come up for air … meaning that they can keep dreaming about eating and not worrying about death 👍🏻 #ideal

i’m not overly sure how i dragged that fact out for so many paragraphs 😂 but yeah, i did … even fitted in multiple facts while i did it! 🙌🏻

anyway, that’s enough rambling!

byyeeeeee 😏 #tdil


did you enjoy this here hippo fact? do you feel like you want some more? no bother, just click ->here<-

(not sure what the quality of that image will be … my phone wasn’t playing ball 😭 anyway, license is ->here<-)

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