today i learned – weds 18th oct 2017

i have seven minutes to write this before it’s late 😅 … so don’t expect a masterpiece! lol

i’ve spent my night working at a porsche launch … therefore, i’ve spent my day learning about them!

#tdil everything you need to know about the new porsche panamera sport turismo 😍

the first thing that i learned about it was that it’s ruddy stunning … like, it looks good in the pictures, but in person it’s an absolute beauty #needone ♥️

for those of you that don’t know, the sport turismo is the new ‘estate’ version of the panamera (is estate the right word? who knows). it’s basically just a panamera but it has a redesigned rear end that is literally to die for #moveoverkardashians

aside from beautiful design, the rear end actually adds a fair amount of practicality 😎 … for starters, the boot is bigger and then the high roofline means more head room for tall peeps.

what’s even more impressive about sport turismo is the fact that, when you fold down the back seats, you have 1,390 litres of space 😱 … in human terms, that basically means it’s bigger than most suvs! (boot only … when you stick the seats down in a rangey, you could basically just fit a country in there).

the final thing that i learned about the sport turismo is that is darn fast! the base version is ‘just’ a 330bhp v6 👍🏻 but the hybrid and turbo variants are just ridiculous!

how ridiculous? well, the turbo hits 60mph in just 3.6 seconds (a little slower than a gt3) … the hybrid is even faster! it hits 60mph in the same time as a gt3!? that’s literally stupid … like, it’s a practical estate!?

anyway, that’ll have to do as we’re running out of time! hopefully this was interesting 😬

much love 😘 #tdil


despite being rushed, this was one of the more educational posts that i’ve done 😂 if you’d like to read more stuff, you just need to go ->here<-

(no copyrights tonight! i took that picture 😏)

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