today i learned – tues 17th oct 2017

it’s tuesday again, which can only mean one thing – #bakeoffspecial blog post 😬 (*no spoilers*).

i’m going to miss these posts once bake-off finishes 😢 … enjoy them whilst they last!

#tdil there is such thing as a ‘bedfordshire clanger’ and it’s possibly one of the most efficient foods ever! 😂

when i started this fine tuesday, i went about life thinking that a clanger was a small mouse type creature that lived on a moon 🌕 … blissfully unaware of the fantastic food that shared the same name!

for those who don’t watch bake-off a bedfordshire clanger is an elongated pastry type deal that features savoury goodness in one end and sweet goodness in the other.

whilst that may not sound all that interesting, the reason for this post is actually due to my fascination with the snack’s history! it’s possible one of the only foods that is actually efficient in its design?! (i think cornish pasties might be similar? 🤔)

anyway, the reason why this tasty food has a sweet end and a savoury end is actually so that 19th century agricultural workers could have a meal and dessert all in one whilst out in the fields 🚜

like, who has time to carry/eat two different courses around?! dude, just combine them! … we should do this with every meal 😱

you know what else agricultural workers don’t have time for? … washing their hands! 😷 … no bother 💁🏻‍♀️ the thick pastry casing wasn’t originally designed to be eaten; it was simply their to keep the filling safe! 👍🏻

it just goes to show that the foods of today are plain lazy 🙃 back in the 19th century, even the foods had a specific role to play! these days food is just made to look pretty …

i don’t know why i found bedfordshire clangers so fascinating 😂 it might actually just be the name.

anyhew, random drivel complete for the day 😬 hopefully you learned something 🙈

catch ya tomozza 😘 #tdil


this post will go down with the very best of this blog’s useless posts 😂 go judge for yourself by clicking ->here<-

(if i’m honest, i’m 99.97786% certain that i can’t use that image of actual clangers … but y’know, yolo 💁🏻‍♀️ i got it from ->here<- … i think it’s actually the people that make the show for the bbc!? which is mega cool … go enjoy their website 😬 #pleasedontsueme #prettyplease)

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