today i learned – sun 15th oct 2017

don’t ask how i came across this fact today … but we’re talking about house flies today 👍🏻

it’s another one of those “you’ve always thought this is true but you’ve been lied to” deals 🙃

#tdil house flies actually live for between 15-25 days 🐝 (ios 11.1 has a grasshopper emoji and a t-rex emoji but still no house fly?!)

thanks to a bug’s life, i’ve always thought that flies only live for 24 hours … like, i’ve spent my entire life thinking that flies had been treated to a really short life sitting on poo 💩

nah, it’s all pixar based lies! house flies generally get a good few weeks to chill about on poo and fly around 👍🏻 some other species of fly get to enjoy a cool couple of months?! #youcrazy

of course, you also have to consider that flies spend a good 7-10 days actually becoming flies … first of all, they have to go through the previous three stages of fly development.

starting out as an egg, they hatch to spend some fun times as a maggot (this is the larvae stage). after they’ve spent some time getting bigger, it’s time to level up and enter the pupal stage #achievementunlocked 👾. at this point, an outer casing forms … inside this casing, the fly slowly develops into the fly that we know and love 🙂

even though i actually spent a really long time researching this … i can’t figure out whether this time spent developing into a fly is included in that 15-25 day lifespan that i’ve told you 😳 #reliablesource.

if you are someone who does actually know things about life, please let me know whether it is included … i’m genuinely in search of the answer 😢

anyway, after that highly reliable fact, (i mean, if this comes up in a pub quiz, then at least you have the actual length of their lives) … i’m going to go to bed 😂 at least the life cycle bit was correct 👍🏻

byeeee 😘 #tdil


i’m not entirely sure whether this post counts as a success or not? 🙃 meh, if you want to learn more pub quiz fodder, simply go ->here<-

(i’ll be honest, the house fly in that image must be one of the most aesthetically pleasing house flies out there 👌🏻 license for that image is ->here<-)

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