today i learned – sat 14th oct 2017

i’ve a feeling that this one may be pretty short 🙈 there may also be some emojis that don’t appear yet 🤔 ios11.1 has some cool stuff in it!

anyway, i’ve been on a telly binge today … which means lots of south park and rick & morty 👍🏻

#tdil that rick never wears a seatbelt and morty always does 🛸

this is something that i literally didn’t notice until i was told it … now i can’t help but notice it every time they get in the ship 🙈

the fan theory is that rick never wears a seatbelt because he has a death wish … you know, something to do with his whole outlook on life and family and shizz.

now, there is one exception to this rule – rick wears a seatbelt after he’s been to that mad alien spa in season three and had all of his bad juju removed.

you know what … i’m actually going to just let the video that i watched explain it all 😂 it does a lot better job and you’ll learn some other cool stuff 👍🏻 #lazy

told you this would be short 🙃 i’m going back to sleep now 😴

laterz 😎 #tdil


this was superrrrrrr quick today! if you don’t feel like you’ve had your fill of facts, you just need to go ->here<- for more 😬

(that’s some amazing cosplay goodness 😍 the license for it is ->here<-)

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