today i learned – fri 13th oct 2017

i wanted today’s fact to be about the origins of friday 13th and why it’s unlucky … it seems that no one actually knows 🙃 (they do, i’m just too lazy to write it all)

instead, i stumbled across this gem … which i’m actually pretty happy with 👍🏻 and actually found more interesting!

#tdil the italians consider friday the 17th unlucky and not friday the 13th 💀

in fact, some italians even refer to friday the 17th as ‘un giorno nero’ or ‘a black day’ – they really don’t like it 🙈 … however, they find friday the 13th to be w lucky day … so, you know, it’s swings and roundabouts.

anyway, their reasoning for disliking the day is said to come from ancient rome due to the fact that ‘17’ in roman numerals is ‘xvii’. “what’s so wrong with that?!” i hear you cry.

well, ‘xvii’ can be easily rearranged to ‘vixi’ which is similar to the latin phrase for ‘i have lived’ which is a bit like ‘my life is over’ … there’s a lot of clutching at straws here 😂.

right, that’s the number 17 sort of explained 🙈 now for the reasoning behind friday – it all comes down to religion. friday is unlucky because of ‘venerdi santo’ or ‘good friday’ … the day that jesus died.

it looks like it’s treated exactly the same as friday the 13th is over here – some people take it totes serious whilst others are just like “lol, whatevs #yolo”.

gotta love some superstitious goodness 🤟🏻 at least friday the 13th is almost over now! i hope that it hasn’t been an unlucky day for y’all 🤞

(i just realised, it was italian week on bake off this week … oooooooooooo spooky 😳)

ta raaaa 👻 #tdil


woooooo, another cool fact done 👍🏻 we’ve been doing this for almost a year now, so you know the drill 🙃 – if you want more, go ->here<- etc etc

(couldn’t find many pictures of friday the 13th … so a black cat will have to do 🙃 license is ->here<-)

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