today i learned – thurs 12th oct 2017

i stumbled across something so darn incredible today that i just have to share it with you in some way, shape or form!

this’ll be quick … but you’ll thank me for it 😏

#tdil that there is such thing as the ‘marblelympics’ and it is glorious! 😱

honestly, it’s sooooo glorious that i cannot explain it in words … it’s one of those things that’ll get you addicted almost instantly.

like, if i’m honest, it kept appearing in my suggested youtube videos and i ignored it for the longest time. after watching it just once however, i am totally a convert.

there are few further words that i can use 😂 so i’m going to let you watch the first video that i saw, so that you can make your own mind up. note: there is more than one event, so keep watching!

(and yes, in another video there is a legit opening ceremony and everything)

see?! how darn amazing is that?! like, i thought the olympics was only good because of the athletes and the patriotic spirit … nope, turns out that even sport played by marbles is just as amazing 😍

go subscribe and watch more of the marblelympics ->here<-

it’d probably make for quite a good drinking game as well 🤔

i’m out ✌🏻 #tdil


if you end up not watching any more marblelympics goodness, then why don’t you read some more useless facts ->here<-

(that image is totally a screenshot of one of the qualifying rounds 😂 i’m 100% spending all night watching it)

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