today i learned – mon 9th oct 2017

is there anything better than watching four friends out each other through hell? 😂

nope 👍🏻 and that’s the reason why impractical jokers exists 🙌🏻 it wasn’t always going to be that way 😳

#tdil that impractical jokers wasn’t originally going to be a prank show 😅

so yeah, this is just like that post i recently did about ben and jerry’s – the thing we know and love today didn’t start out life this way!

in the beginning, the four actually tried to pilot a show called ‘mission:uncomfortable’ … it wasn’t a prank show – it was a sketch show. however, spike tv didn’t go for it 📺 and eventually impractical jokers appeared instead 👍🏻 #massivewin.

in the beginning, the guys planned and controlled everything about the show 🤓 but after two seasons try hired some writers and stuff … that’s not to say they don’t have a hand in it anymore!

apparently a lot of it is improvised on the fly by the guys and q still remains heavily involved with the edit 🎞

anyway, i gotta go … this one was pretty interesting – go watch impractical jokers!

laterz 😎 #tdil


i literally love this show sooooo much 😍 if you feel like not watching telly and reading instead, just go ->here<-

at picture is legit free to use 😳 don’t believe me? the license is ->here<-)

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