today i learned – sun 8th oct 2017

apparently, you can now use an app instead of going to the doctor’s office 😳 what even is the world … (one for another day 👍🏻)

anyway, on a brighter note, if you love lego as much as i do, you need to head over to denmark now!

#tdil lego have just built a huge new museum in their aforementioned home country – denmark.

it’s huge! like, it’s made to look like 21 giant lego bricks and is home to 25 million actual lego bricks! 😱

apparently it isn’t one of those boring museums where you can look and not touch 🙂 it’s an ‘interactive museum’ where kids and adults can play with lego and look at mad sculptures of a t-rex and stuff 🐊

i forgot to mention what the place is actually called 😂 … they’ve named it ‘lego house’ and it’s located in the center of billund 👍🏻 we all need to go there right this second!

there’s even a restaurant with lego bowls and lego serving trays?! i mean, what more could you want out of life?!

anyway, go see more about it on lego’s website ->here<-

that’s all from me 😬 have a good rest of your day!

peace ✌🏻 #tdil


lego house is awesome 😭 i really want to go … it looks so much cooler than lego land! in lieu of tickets to lego house, you can read more facts ->here<-

(that picture came from the press release on the lego house website, so i think i can use it 😳 … once again, that website is ->here<-)

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