today i learned – fri 6th oct 2017

this is going to be short … but it has bothered me for a reallllllllly long time 👍🏻

hopefully, this’ll give you the answer to something ‘worthwhile’

#tdil the reason why the pointer on a mac gets bigger if you wiggle the mouse around 🖥

as i mentioned at the start of this post, this has plagued me for literally ever – why in god’s name does the pointer randomly get bigger after some wobbly fun with the mouse?!

(if you’ve no idea what i’m on about, you either don’t own a mac or … well, you don’t own a mac 💻)

anyway, the reason is actually pretty simple and makes perfect sense #standardapple 😂 it’s so that you can find the pointer!

you know that moment when you’re frantically trying to get stuff done and you suddenly lose track of your friendly screen arrow? well, that’s when you should have a jiggle to make the pointer bigger!

that’s literally genius!? like, why doesn’t my company supplied windows beast do that!? 😭

that’s it for tonight – told you it would be short! aha 😂 regardless, this is probably the most worthwhile post i’ve ever done 👍🏻 #yourewelcome

right, bedtime 😴

byyyeeee 😁 #tdil


i don’t know why you’d ever want to read anything else ever again, but if you want more, you just need to go ->here<-

(that’s image is the real life version of this emoji – 🖱 🙂 … the license is ->here<-)

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