today i learned – thurs 5th oct 2017

right, this is a real late one tonight 😅 i’ve only just finished work and was totally not organised earlier!

on a plus note, i got to interview the ceo of aston martin, so that’s pretty darn awesome! 😬 i think an aston fact is in order!

#tdil the reason why aston martin is called aston martin 👍🏻

it’s actually something that i’ve never wondered before – i always just assumed it was started by someone called martin and his mate aston 😂. i was totally wrong 🙃.

the company was actually started in 1913 by two dudes named lionel martin and robert bamford. the pair made their first vehicle – named aston martin – in 1914.

as you’ve probably guessed, the ‘martin’ section comes from lionel’s last name … but there are no hints of ‘aston’ in there? 🤔

well, the aston bit comes due to lionel’s passion for driving 😎. taking part in racing, his first victory was in 1913 at aston hill near aston chilton 👍🏻

ta daaaaaaa 🤗 the name is born! the second aston martin came along in 1919 and went into production in 1920 🚗 (it wasn’t a small red hatchback)

and there’s that! it’s a quick one today, but it’s still interesting 😂 i have literally seconds before this is late, so i best get in posted!

see you tomozza! 🙂 #tdil


if you’d like to read some less rushed random facts, you just need to go ->here<- 🙂

(that picture was taken by me … so no copyright needed!!!)

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