today i learned – weds 4th oct 2017

get to write about dinosaurs again today 😬 it’s totally a good day 👍🏻

well, kinda dinosaurs … it’s ancient reptiles at least 🙃

#tdil that a mad terrifying crocodile thing used to patrol the seas around britain 🐊

whilst you may think this is old news – surely there were lots of scary crocodile things back in dinosaur times? – you’d be wrong … this is a new discovery ✌🏻

well, kind of a new discovery, the fossil has actually been at the natural history museum since 1875, it has just taken them 150 years to get round to having a gander 🙄.

now that they have, they’ve determined that the fossil belonged to a whole new 10-foot long crocodile beast that they called ‘leldraan melkshamesis’ or the ‘melksham monster’ for short (melksham is the wiltshire town that the fossil was found).

they’ve figured out that this beast lived around 163 million years ago (because they’re clever) and that it lived in the seas around europe 🌏.

it’s basically just a terrifying giant crocodile that probably would have eaten you 👍🏻 … and that’s really cool 😎

fairly quick one again today! i can’t help but feel sorry for the guy(s) and gal (s) who found that original fossil all those years ago! what if that was the big discovery that they spent their life looking for? 😢 they’ll never know what they had.

on that rather somber note 🙈 i’m off for a meal 😂

peace ✌🏻 #tdil


literally love facts about dinosaurs 😬 wish i was a dinosaur 😍 anyway, if you want more facts, go ->here<-

(i’ll be honest, i totally stole that image from ->here<- … everyone else has it and i wanted it as well ☹️ but i can’t find the original 🙃 #pleasedontsueme)

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