today i learned – tues 3rd oct 2017

due to my continued attempts at becoming fit, i missed bake off tonight ☹️

despite this, it was apparently pie week … so here’s a fact about pie! 🍕 (there isn’t a pie emoji … so i went with ‘pizza pie’.

#tdil the most expensive pie ever bought cost over £1000 per slice! 🤑😅

it was bought back in 2005 and cost a total of £8195 😳 … shared between eight peeps, it tallied up to around £1024 per slice! how literally mental is that?!

you’d expect that a pie costing that much was literally made entirely of gold … nope, not quite! 🙃 that said, it’s not exactly a bad pie; in lieu of gold goodness, it’s filled with tasty expensive treats 😬

made in lancashire at the fence gate inn, the pie is filled with £500 worth of japanese wagyu beef fillet, chinese matsutake mushrooms, french bluefoot mushrooms, winter black truffles, gravy made from two bottles of vintage wine (from 1982!) and a topping of gold leaf 👍🏻

my favourite ingredient from that list (not due to taste … i ain’t rich!) is deffo the chinese matsutake mushrooms – they’re so special that they have to be harvested under the watchful eye of guards! 😳

to this day, the fence gate inn still holds the record for most expensive pie 🙂 i rather want to try one!

that’s us done today! was shorter than expected ✌🏻 still awesome though!

laterz 👻 #tdil


yaaaaay pie! who doesn’t love pie?! you know what else people love? facts! if you want to learn more random facts, just go ->here<-

(that isn’t a picture of the super expensive pie … but it is a pie! 😎 the license is ->here<-)

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