today i learned – mon 2nd oct 2017

currently watching liar, so we’re gonna keep this one brief! 😬

(i say brief, but i found this fascinating, so who knows what’ll happen 🙃)

#tdil that some ant colonies ‘herd’ aphids so that they have a constant supply of sweet nectar goodness 🐜

who knew, ants are more like us humans than you’d think! they’re basically tiny humans with extra legs 😂

on with the fact! ants really like nectar and honey dew as it’s highly nutritious 👍🏻 aphids and other ‘homopterans’ feed on sap and create said ant treats – it’s symbiotic relationship’o’clock.

ants can get a drop of nectar goodness by gently stroking the back of an aphid with their antennae. therefore, being the clever souls that they are, ants sometimes ‘farm’ or ‘herd’ the little dudes to ensure a constant supply of tasty tasty 😎.

so, what do i mean by ‘farming’ – basically, they keep them safe from predators and carry them from plant to plant so that they always have the best stuff to eat.

in return, the ants get some good stuff from the aphids and the aphids don’t get dead 💀 #winning

it’s not all fun and games though … just as you thought the ants were real good guys, i’m going to give you another fact – in order to keep the aphids within the ‘herd’, they clip off the wings of the aphids 😳 thus stopping them from flying away.

right! managed to keep that relatively brief 😬 hopefully, however, it has still remained super interesting 👍🏻

thanks for listening!

laterz 😍 #tdil


ants are soooo damn cool 🙂 feel like some more interesting and random facts? (not about ants) … just go ->here<-

(ants are cool … but they’re darn terrifying when you see them close up like that picture 😳 – that’s an ant getting nectar from an aphid, btw. license is ->here<-)

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