today i learned – sun 1st oct 2017

i had planned on writing about stephen king and a mad song, mambo number 5, tonight … but i couldn’t find enough sources 😕. see, only good facts on this blog!

in lieu of interesting songs … here’s a fact about real life james bond 👍🏻

#tdil mi6 once made a safe that exploded, so that they could destroy documents super quickly 😎

so yeah, whilst the james bond films aren’t entirely factual in their depiction of spies and stuff – apparently ‘q’ branch does actually exist.

just like in the films, they create awesome inventions to make missions run smoothly … they’ve created all sorts of cool stuff like never unsilencing silencers and cigarettes laced with cocaine (amongst other stuff, there are loads!)

one invention, outlined in an mi6 newsletter from 1947, was a safe that quickly destroyed documents … you know, so that can get rid of sensitive stuff when the bad guys burst into his luxury hotel.

it worked by pouring acid on the stuff inside the safe; melting the contents whilst the spy makes their daring escape! well, that was the plan at least 🙈

apparently, q branch inventions not working was a fairly common thing 😅 #awks. in the case of the exploding safe, the acid didn’t destroy things quick enough – q branch aimed for the safe to destroy the paper in “the short time it takes someone to run up a flight of stairs”.

what they actually got was a safe that destroyed stuff in that time but only if the bad guy was “a short, fat man with gout and broken wind”😂.

they eventually made it a little better by adding an undisclosed ‘oxygen carrying material’ … but it was never as good as they hoped! 🙃

basically, if you ever feel like you’ve failed, just remember that even q branch get it wrong sometimes! (quite a lot of the time 😆)

anyhew, short and sweet today … i’m mad tired and unorganised 😕 sozza! my source for this is ->here<-

peace ✌🏻 #tdil


if you want more interesting/useless facts, i have an entire blog filled with them! you just need to go ->here<-

(that’s the mi6 building in london … not overly secret – you can go see it from the london eye or drive past it all chill 👍🏻. license for that image is ->here<-)

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