today i learned – thurs 28th sept 2017

slightly different, almost car based, one today 👍🏻 … almost.

like, it’s based on a car company … but it concerns underwater travel 😂

#tdil that aston martin are going to build a submarine!? 🐠🐠

yep, that company that is famed for making mr.bonds cars is now deciding to make a vehicle that allows the rich and famous to explore the depths of the ocean 😳.

it has been named ‘project neptune’ and unlike bond’s lotus submarine, this is a totally legit submarine that is being built in collab with a company called ‘triton submarines’ 👍🏻

after reading the press release, i can tell you that it’ll be a three-person submarine that combines triton’s submarine expertise with aston martin’s design and material expertise … think aston db11 but with underwater ability (it’s nothing like a db11)

basically, rich people like to travel around in as many different ways as possible 🛩 this is just another one to add to the list! i’ll be honest, if i was rich, i’d totally buy one … it looks so darn cool 😎 aston have worked wonders on the aesthetics.

right, that’ll do us for today … i’m gonna go and try to get rich so that i can go look a dolphins and stuff 🐬

byeeeeee 🦀 #tdil


slightly different one today … i’m actually good at auto journalism 👍🏻 if you want to read something less useful, just go ->here<-

(how darn cool does it look in that picture? 😍 that image came from the aston press release ->here<- … not certain i’m allowed to use it 😳)

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