today i learned – tues 26th sept 2017

i’ll be honest, this one quite literally blew my mind 💥 (it still confuses me to this minute 😳)

but yeah … as all great magicians have said – ‘prepare to be amazed!’ 🤡

#tdil how many times you’d need to fold a sheet of paper for it to reach the moon! 🌒 (yes, the moon … it’s not as many as you think 😳)

i’m going to be totally honest with you – i’m not overly clever 🙃 as such, i’m going to keep this super simple and short … all of this was originally created and worked out by a dude called ethan who is far superior in intellect to me 🤓. you can find his original post ->here<-

anyway, if you ever find that you’re struck by the urge to fold paper until it touches the moon, you may find yourself disheartened by the sheer distance between here and the moon 🙈 … like, the moon is over a whole 300,000km away 😅.

that’s a big number 😳 … you’d think that the amount of folds required would be an equally huge number. you’d be wrong! feel like taking a guess? do it right now!


it takes just 42 folds!? 😱 42!!!!

in order to explain this, ethan did some super clever maths based on two things: 1) a page is about 0.01cm thick and 2) when you fold a page, it doubles in size.

again, if you want the clever stuff go to ethan’s post … but basically, when you fold a piece of paper once, it is as thick as two pages … fold it again, it’s as thick as four pages … fold it again, it’s as thick as eight … etc etc. by the time you’ve folded it 20 times, you’ve got a piece of paper that’s taller than everest!? 🗻

but yeah, mad isn’t it!? 😬 #mindblown. now … with all of this in mind, there is one slight problem 😅 you literally can’t fold a piece of paper that many times … i think the most ever done was like 12 folds 🙃 (that’ll need verifying!)

anyway, that’s me done for today 😘 once again, please go read ethan’s original post ->here<-, he explains it in a much better way than me!

until tomozza ♥️ #tdil


mind.blown ☠️ what a nuts theory! fancy reading more stuff? you just need to go ->here<- 😬

(it’s hard to find a picture of paper folding that is both interesting and free to use 😂 the license for that lovely boat ⛵️ is ->here<-)

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