today i learned – mon 25th sept 2017

it’s payyyyyyyyday!! 💰💰 (that day where you get paid and are hella flush for about 20.5 seconds 😭)

with that in mind … i think i’d rather be the little critter in today’s fact 🐞

#tdil that there’s a little creature out there that is literally indestructible 💪🏻

it’s called a tardigrade or ‘water bear’ and when i say they’re little, i mean really little … like, between 0.05 millimetres and 1.2 millimetres 📏.

but yeah, despite their tiny size, they’re literally indestructible! they can survive extreme temperatures – from lows of minus 238oF to highs of 300oF – they can survive the extreme pressures of the ocean/the vacuum of space and they an survive radiation … basically, they’re complete badasses! 😈

they’re so mentally hardcore that scientists have concluded water bears could survive long after we’ve gone … even if kim jong ‘rocket man’ and trumpo ‘the great talking orange’ destroy the world with nukes ☢️. these little dudes would literally just shrug their shoulders and get on with life 😘

how do they survive everything from the vast of space to boiling temperatures? well, they roll themselves in a super tight dehydrated ball called a ‘tun’.

whilst in a tun, they go into a super chill state called ‘cryptobiosis’ … taking their activity levels down to 0.01% of their normal levels and covering their internal organs in a sugary gel called trehalose … to protect them 😬

now, there’s a whole lot of other amazing things that these insane little creatures do to make them indestructible … but if we go into all of them, we’re going to be here for 1000 years 🙃.

if you would like to learn the rest (i genuinely advise that you do) then you’ll find my source ->here<- … properly fascinating!

this is me signing off!

i’m out ✌🏻 #tdil


don’t feel like learning more about unkillable creatures? well, why not learn more pointless stuff ->here<-

(it might be a tiny, stumpy, little thing, but how darn cute is it?! 😱 image license is ->here<-)

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