today i learned – sun 24th sept 2017

i’m spending today at sillystone surrounded by gloriously loud ferrari racing cars 😬 … basically, i’m in heaven.

i’ve done the ferrari racing days a few times over the years but this one is special due to their 75th anniversary … i feel a ferrari fact coming on!

#tdil the famous red colour associated with ferrari wasn’t a colour originally chosen by ferrari 🙈 #awks

even as a complete car nut, i found this one genuinely surprising! how could ferrari not be behind the quintessential red colour? 🤔

you see, even though ferraris were originally all rosso scuderia (red), the decision was actually made by the international automobile federation (fia) and not enzo.

‘why though?!’ i hear you cry! well, from the 1920s onwards, italian racing cars were painted red as it was the customary national racing colour of italy.

the rules for formula one were slightly different – they were coloured according to the nationality of the team entering the car – but even so, ferraris entered by ferrari themselves, had to be painted red.

to that end, ferraris ended up being red, through no decision of enzo himself! 🏎 bit mental that, ey!? 😎

right, just a quick one today 👍🏻 i gotta get back to mad racing cars!

cya peeps 😬 #tdil


who’d have thunk it?! properly mental this one! feel like reading some more surprising stuff? you just need to go ->here<-

(no license needed today … i took that picture 😬)

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