today i learned – sat 23rd sept 2017

running … why on earth does anybody do it if they aren’t trying to escape a dinosaur? 😫 like, why!?

i recently started (it’s healthy apparently) and i’m yet to see the appeal! guess it’s a topic for a blog post? 🤔 #silverlining

#tdil what a ‘runner’s high’ is and why it occurs 🏃🏻🏃🏻

let’s get one thing straight – i think that runner’s high might actually just be a lie that weird running peeps tell us mortals about so that we get off our bottoms and do some exercise.

i’ve ran a whole three times now and i’m yet to even feel a hint of anything other than feelings of death and despair 😭

anyway! what is runner’s high and what cause it! (if it is a thing). apparently, runner’s high is ‘a feeling of euphoria and a lessened ability to feel pain’ 🙃. it occurs after a long run and there are a couple of theories as to why it happens.

until recently, most people thought that runner’s high was a product of increased endorphins. whilst it’s true that endorphins spike during exercise, it was recently found that endorphins probably don’t have anything to do with this high … due to the molecules being too big to cross the blood-brain barrier 😕.

it is instead thought that runner’s high is actually due to the same chemicals and systems that moderate the effects of marijuana 😱 #runnersareallhigh. called ‘anandamide’ (a type of endocannabinoid) this chemicals molecules can cross the blood-brain barrier 👍🏻.

the result of crossing said barrier is that it can create the awesome feelings of being a running god 💪.

now, there is possibly more stuff at play when it comes to this feeling (that doesn’t exist imo) … but if we go into them all, we’ll be here for timeeeee. if you’d like to read about the other little factors that go into the runner’s high, my source is ->here<-

fun times! anyway, i’m gonna go back to wondering why i’ve started running 😂

see ya tomoz 😍 #tdil


don’t run … it’s a trap! if you feel like reading some more facts, about literally everything, simply go ->here<-

(that’s not how i look when i run … imagine more sweat and less happy 👍🏻. license for that image is ->here<-)

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