today i learned – fri 22nd sept 2017

animal kingdom again today! i’m going to try and keep this super brief … because apparently that’s what people want 👍🏻

considering turning these to short videos? 🤔 what do you think? let me know in dem comments 😘 anyway …

#tdil the reason why flamingos are pink (how is there no flamingo emoji?! 😫)

so yeah, i feel like this is one of those questions that no one asks or searches for unless they’re at a zoo … so, if you are, hi 🙂 hope you’re enjoying your day … go look at the reptiles, they’re the best 😬🐊

back to the fact! flamingos actually start out life with grey feathers 👽 it isn’t until they start stuffing their faces that they gain there glorious pink hue.

that’s because (in the wild) their diet of brine shrimp 🦐 and blue-green algae 🌿 contains a natural dye called canthaxanthin.

in captivity, flamingos often lose their pinky goodness ☹️ so they tend to have synthetic canthaxanthin put in their food … wonder what’s in that? 🤔

told you that i’d keep this one brief! 😬 you’re now smarter than you were and you haven’t aged as much as my usual posts!

byyyeeeeee 😎 #tdil


love random little animal facts 🙂 they’re great! if you feel like learning more stuff, simply go ->here<-

(i don’t feel like i need to explain what that is a picture of? license is ->here<-)

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