today i learned – thurs 21st sept 2017

today, we’re back to finding out where phrases come from! 👍🏻 it has been a while since we did this!

the opposite to how i feel this eve (broke my car) have you ever been in an incredible state of happiness? 😬 yes? then you’ve probably heard this phrase!

#tdil where the phrase ‘on cloud nine’ came from! ☁️

as usual, there are a few theories about where the phrase actually came from #standard 😒 … of course, they’re wrong 🙃 (people think … who actually knows!)

the main two incorrect theories concern themselves with buddhism and general us cloud classifications. some people believe that the phrase came around because of the stages of enlightenment in buddhism (theory doesn’t work because there are ten!).

others believe that the phrase is to do with the really attractive fluffy clouds that the us weather bureau classified as cumulonimbus in the 50s … apparently there’s ten levels to that as well 🤔 so it doesn’t work.

the actual original meaning (people think) behind the phrase is to do with the use of a different term – on cloud seven – to explain when people are heavily under the influence of drink or drugs 🍻

in fact, it comes up quite a lot literature throughout the 30s,40s and 50s 👍🏻 … it is thought that it then developed into cloud nine through its use in popular music 🎵.

and there you go! you’re now cleverer than you used to be 😘 well … kinda … it’s another one of these facts which is probably correct but no one really knows 😂

you’re welcome 🤦🏻‍♂️ #tdil


it’s quite nice to be back to normal service #uselessfactsfordays. if you’d like to read more stuff (some useful recently) then you just need to go ->here<-

(that’s a cloud ☁️ a cumulonimbus to be exact! the license is ->here<-)

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