today i learned – weds 20th sept 2017

woke up really early this morning and then couldn’t sleep. of course, this meant a rather long stint of youtube watching whilst waiting for starbucks’o’clock to swing around ☕️.

anyway, during this search, i found a new favourite youtube channel and it taught me something 👍🏻

#tdil there’s such a thing as a corneal transplant 👀.

i genuinely didn’t know this was a thing … like, how can you replace eye parts and make them work better again?! that’s just nuts!

but yeah, it’s totally a thing and now we’re going to discuss how it works 🙃 (and possibly what the cornea does … because it’s a different thing to what i thought it was).

the cornea is the transparent bit at the front of your seeing ball that covers the iris, pupil and ‘anterior chamber’ … along with the latter and the lens, it helps to refract light 🙂

sometimes, your cornea can become damaged … resulting in it becoming less transparent and subsequently causing the images you see to be distorted or unclear ☹️.

a corneal transplant fixes this by reshaping the cornea (in not awful cases) or even entirely removing the cornea and replacing it with a donor cornea (in bad cases).

and there you go! you now know that corneal transplants are a thing 😬 i’d go into the process in depth … but i want to start keeping these posts slightly briefer and you should totally read it from an actual medical official … like ->here<- 👩🏻‍⚕️

the video that inspired this is below 🙂 it’s not actually about corneal transplants 😂 but meh, go watch all of william’s videos, they’re amazing 😬

laterz taterz 🥔 #tdil


yaaaaaaay, learning all the things! if you wanna continue learning stuff, just go ->here<-

(that’s a picture of an eye 👁 … the cornea is there somewhere 🙂 the license is over ->here<-)

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