today i learned – tues 19th sept 2017

ever accidentally deleted emails in outlook that you really really need? well, this one is for you 👍🏻

unlike the usual drivel that i share on this blog, this fact may actually be something useful that (if you use outlook 😒) could one day save you.

#tdil that there is a way to recover deleted emails in Microsoft outlook! 🙌🏻

so yeah, i had a total merh earlier that consisted of me accidentally deleting two months worth of sent emails … i then went on to find the ‘recover deleted’ section but accidentally pressed the wrong button and completely deleted said emails from existence 🙃

now, learn from my mistakes people! if you accidentally delete a load of emails, here’s how to get them back!

1). in the top navigation, go to ‘folder’ (in older outlook versions, i think you go to home) and then click on the below ‘recover deleted items’ button.

2). you’ll now have a window open that shows all of your recently deleted emails 👍🏻 … you can use this to pick the emails that you want to rescue from their impending doom! (if, like me, you want to rescue your ‘sent emails’, click on ‘from’ and select everything with your name 😏)

3). now, this is the important one where i didn’t pay attention and ruined my life 😒. once you’ve selected all of the emails you want to save, you need to click on one of the top left icons. there are three: select all, recover selected items and purge selected items … you want the second!

4). life is good! you’ve rescued your emails … just like when that crane saves all of the toys in toy story 3 😬 #yourewelcome

and there you go 👍🏻 an actually useful post for once 😂 … don’t get too used to it, we’ll be back to useless drivel again tomorrow 😍 #homesweethome

anyway, best of luck email pirates

much love 😘 #tdil


dude, a useful post?! i’m not sure how i feel about this. if you want some of the usual useless pub quiz fodder, just go ->here<-

(that picture is pretty much how i felt earlier today 😭 … as it’s a meme, i’m not sure if it has a credit?! let me know if it does #sozza)

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