today i learned – fri 15th sept 2017

as much as i dislike war 😷 i’ve always had a certain satisfaction with the work of snipers!

going into the most dangerous spots on earth, they always seem to silently complete mental things … hence today’s fact!

#tdil that a sniper once curved a bullet a whole 17m whilst it was flying through the air! 😱

like, even if you hate guns and stuff, that’s darn impressive?! 17m … that’s a whole 56 feet of curvature before hitting the target – for some context, a coach is usually about 12 meters in length … it’s like a coach and a half!?

the epic 180m shot was accomplished by corporal matt hughes of royal marines fame and it happened during the first years of the iraq war.

how exactly do you manage such a feat? well, it takes maths … lots of maths 🙃. in strong winds that went from left to right, matt and his partner, sam, had to figure out the bullet’s trajectory by patiently watching the movement of heat haze and dust.

after completing the mental maths figuring out, sam determined that matt would need to aim 17m left of the target in order for the bullet to curve sufficiently in the wind!

i’m sorry, but that’s so amazing … that said, i literally cannot do maths to save my life … so, you know, most things that include complex maths amazing me 😂

right, i’m going back to playing ghost warrior and pretending that i’m as skilled as matt and sam 👍🏻

laterz ✌🏻 #tdil


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