today i learned – mon 11th sept 2017

today’s little fact is technically not a ‘today i learned’ 😅, it’s more of a ‘today i remembered’ … even so, i’m going to count it as valid ✔️ (it’s my blog ain’t it … so, you know 💁🏼).

anyway, it came about after a family debate and i decided to learn more (in an effort to win at said debate and to learn something #winwin ✌🏻.

#tdil that plants don’t produce oxygen at night … they take it in whilst producing carbon dioxide 🌻 #flipbackreverse

you see, day and night, plants always take in a small amount of oxygen through respiration.

that’s right, just like us, plants do the whole respiration thing (as well as photosynthesis). whilst doing the respiration thing, plants release carbon dioxide.

in the day ☀️, plants take in a small amount of oxygen but the amount that they then release through photosynthesis makes the small amount that they take seem negligible.

the difference at night 🌙, however, is that there’s no light and subsequently no photosynthesis can take place. that then means that the plant creates zero oxygen to release back into the world.

that also means that, unlike during the day, they’re releasing carbon dioxide through respiration but they aren’t giving out any oxygen through photosynthesis to offset it 🙃.

they basically start doing the opposite to what they do in the day – rather than taking in carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen, they take in oxygen and release carbon dioxide.

and there you have it! the science behind the mad plant switch-a-roo that happens each and every night 😬

talking of night, i’m writing (i wrote) this post at 2am … so i’m now really rather tired 🙃 more sleep is now required!

night 🙌🏻 #tdil


bit of plant science is always good fun 👍🏻 if you feel like learning some other stuff, you just need to go ->here<-

(today’s picture doesn’t need a license! was taken by my sister 😬)

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