today i learned – sat 9th sept 2017

i’ll be honest, this one surprised even me; to such a point that i’m not even sure how to take it 🤔

i’m not one to really trust anything that i read. ever. (with the exception of this blog of course! 🙈) i’ll let you make up your own mind on this one.

#tdil that cyborgs already exist in the form of a dude that hears colour through an antenna on his head 📡

his name is neil harbisson and he’s the world’s first ‘cyborg artist’. now, before you get any ideas about neil being some dude with tinfoil and some toothpicks stuck to his head; this antenna is a legit implant that is attached to his skill in four places 🙃.

born in london, neil can’t actually see colour due to being colourblind. seeing life in greyscale (not something he sees as a disadvantage), he decided to develop a new sense that allowed him to experience colour.

it took a lot of doctors (because no one would actually do the surgery due to their being problems with it being unethical) but eventually, in 2004, neil got his extra sense 👍🏻.

how does it work? well, the antenna picks up picks up the different wavelengths that colours produce and translates them into vibrations that are sent to the skull 💀. these vibrations are subsequently picked up by neil as sounds … apparently violet is high pitch and therefore the most intense.

what’s really cool about this is that, where neil could initially only sense the visual spectrum that you and i are aware of, he has now upgraded to also sense the infrared and ultraviolet spectra. basically, he can now sense and see things that we can’t.

he can also ‘plug’ into nasa satellites 🛰 to sense the billions of inconceivable wavelengths that are out and about in space! 😱. honestly, it’s all just a bit (a lot) sci-fi … his experiences of colour are simply incredible to read about and my sources are ->here<- and ->here<- should you want to read them.

now, if you’re still with me, you may be wondering why on earth you’d ever even want to do this to yourself? well, neil says that he feels it’s the next step in human evolution.

neil isn’t trying to become a futuristic robot man or to be better than us … instead, he feels that he is now of a new species. he doesn’t want to take over the world; instead he wanted to develop a new sense.

to be honest, i started off very skeptical when i first read about this stuff 🙈 but the more i read, the more i’m curious what it’d be like to ‘hear’ uv or hear sounds as well as dogs 🐶 or to sense people/objects behind me through infrared.

(that said, other bits like full brain uploading still seem scary and absurd to me!)

the future is most definitely going to be interesting 😳

live long and prosper 🖖🏻 #tdil


this one was a strange one 😂 if you feel like learning some more stuff (that isn’t as surreal as this) just go ->here<-

(that’s a picture of neil and his antenna 👍🏻 it was originally a gif but wordpress didn’t agree 🙃. license and original are ->here<-)

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