today i learned – fri 8th sept 2017

quick situation report: the holiday is going well 👍🏻 … however, it is coming to a close 😭

that said, today’s little learning might just be the prefect way to finally spend life as a holiday 😏

#tdil there is a cruise ship that continuously sails around the world whilst the residents permanently live on it 🚢

the boat is called ‘the world’ and it’s a legit cruise ship that measures over 600ft in length 👍🏻. the residents (of which there are strictly only 165 … due to the amount of rooms on board) pay to own their particular cabin. it’s pretty cool because, collectively, they literally own the entire ship!

anyway, this means that they all have a say in the ships itinerary for the year and then they just chill and enjoy seeing a new exotic place every few days.

whilst you may think that it sounds like a group of posh peeps just drinking champagne and visiting expensive tax havens, it seems to be more than that 🙂 it’s more of an adventure/exploring/learning thing.

the ship stops off at super beautiful scenery and adventurous places where expert guides show you around and take you on ‘in-depth expeditions’ 👍🏻. in between each of these beautiful places, residents can have lectures from legit professionals about stuff.

of course, it’s super luxury and i’m sure that there’s plenty of champers 🥂 but it actually sounds properly awesome! you could basically travel around the world on a giant yacht, seeing epic stuff!? 😍 what’s not to like?!

i guess the only thing not to like is the price 😅 whilst the website doesn’t report a price per room #ifyouhavetoaskyoucantafford, forbes reported earlier this year that rooms went for between $2-15million 💵💵 (possibly not true … but it can’t be far wrong when you read about the ship).

if the price doesn’t put you off, then you need to get on it! go straight to there website ->here<- right this instant and get yo’self a room! (if there is one spare 🙈) … take me with you?

i think that’s going to do me for today … it’s just making me jealous! need to have this ship in my life 😭😱

until tomorrow 👌🏻

muchos love 😬 #tdil


pretty awesome huh? you know what else is awesome – learning more cool facts like this, over ->here<-

(i think that’s a picture of the correct ship 😂 … i mean, it’s called ‘the world’ 🙃 … license for that image is ->here<-)

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