today i learned – thurs 7th sept 2017

you know in that recent post about the badass mantis shrimp 🦐 (->here<-) i went on about how awesome nature is?

well, it turns out that even nature can have an off day 🙈 #awks …

#tdil about a species of parrot that is going endangered literally because nature made it smell too nice 😅 #lifehadamerh

they’re called the kakapo, they’re native to new zealand and by endangered, i mean really really endangered … like, there are estimated to be just 62 left on the planet 😢 – they’re rapidly going in the direction of the dodo 🦃.

as mentioned, they’re a type of a parrot – a flightless species of parrot – and they have a really nice natural smell! you see, they have a very well developed sense of smell; meaning that the nice smell helps them to find each other in the forest … especially helpful when you consider that they’re nocturnal and only wander about when it’s scary and dark 🌗.

of course, the problem with emitting a sweet-musty natural scent is that it makes it real easy for predators to find you 😕 #notideal.

now, i’ll be honest, there are a whole range of other reasons that have had a much worse effect on their numbers than just their body odour … namely that it was humans who introduced most of these predators into their habitat! 😒

i’m not going to go into that in depth (at least for now) but if you’d like to read more about these fascinating birds (they really are!) then you can go to one of my sources ->here<-

otherwise, that’s all from me! thanks for joining me for another random ole fact 🙂 in the words of the pretty lady that used to be on youtube – “you’re know smarter than you were” 🤓

until tomozza 😘 #tdil


not only was this an interesting fact, i feel like i’ve done a tiny bit to help those 60 or so kakapo’ that are still out there 👍🏻. if you want to read more random stuff, just go ->here<-

(that lovely looking bird up top is a kakapo 🙂 license is ->here<-)

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