today i learned – weds 6th sept 2017

it’s mad crazy science fact time again 😎 i don’t know why, but these ones are always super exciting!

today we’re off on a journey to the centre of that giant hot ball in the sky – the sun ☀️

#tdil that it can take photons 40,000 years to travel from the core of the sun to the surface but then only eight minutes to travel to earth! ☀️🌍

don’t you agree that it’s mad that a photon of light can travel around 150 million km in just eight minutes!? 😱 but then, when you consider that the photons travel at a speed of 300,000kms/sec, i guess it makes sense 😂🏎.

however, if these photons are capable of travelling at such high speeds, why can it take them 40,000 years to reach the surface of the sun from its core?

well, it’s all because the centre of the sun is real dense; it’s filled with huge hydrogen masses and other various other particles. when the photon collides with these various particles, it reacts and is diverted in another direction.

from what i can figure out from my two sources … it basically pinballs its way all the way from the core of the sun to the surface – progressively managing to travel further between each collision as the sun becomes less dense (my two sources are ->here<- and ->here<-, should you like an actual pro to explain it).

once free of the sun’s mad density, the photon launches itself through space at the hella fast speed that i mentioned earlier … reaching earth just eight minutes later.

it’s kind of crazy to think that the sun could go out (it won’t … for a while) and the whole world would literally entirely go to 💩 in such a short amount of time! ❄️

anyway, on that fascinating but terrifying note, that’s all for today! 😬 i hope that you enjoyed!

ta taaaaaa 🦄 #tdil


literally love facts like this! it seems mental that something with such potential speed takes so long to just leave the sun! anyway, if you want more cool facts … just go ->here<-

(how darn stunning is that picture 😱 love a good sunset 🙌🏻 license is ->here<-)

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