today i learned – mon 4th sept 2017

alrighty then, i’m writing this whilst cruising over france at 33,000ft at over 500mph (and watching adventure time) i love technology 🙊

anyway, if you ever needed a good reason to skip work on a monday, i’m about to give it to you 😏 #yourewelcome

#tdil that you’re more likely to have a heart attack on a monday than any other day! 💔

so yeah, according to scientists, due to mondays being the most stressful day of the week, there is an ‘outpouring’ of stress hormones (such as cortisol) within working peeps 🙃.

of course, increased stress subsequently means heightened heart attack risk factors ☹️.

how do they know this? well, some scientists did a study on 683 patients (predominantly middle-aged men with implanted defibrillators). after recording the data, they found that there was a peak in bad stuff on a monday.

they also found that there’s mid-week decline in stress factors and then a second peak in bad stuff on a friday (surprisingly). what isn’t surprising is that the weekend has a 50% lower rate of arrhythmias than monday.

another surprise is that the monday stress factors still occurred in those peeps who no longer worked 😳 as if the body remembered the monday stress times 😭

as such, the best way to ensure that you don’t die at work today, is to take it easy 🙂 don’t over-schedule yourself and make sure that you take some time to chill during your day 😬 … yes, work is important … but your ticker is more important!

right, that’s that for today! i’m still over france … heading towards lichtenstein 👍🏻✈️

much love 😘


pretty interesting this one 🙂 if you feel like you want to read some more stuffs, simply go ->here<-

(i picked that picture through pure cuteness 🙊. license is ->here<-)

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