today i learned – sun 3rd sept 2017

still can’t get used to writing ‘sept’ 😒 … 2017 has most definitely been shorter than other years.

anyway, i’m off on holiday today! ✈️ #exciting … for that reason here’s a fact about disneyland (not where i’m going 😂)

#tdil that disneyland florida has more underground tunnels than a fancy hamster cage.

(i’m going no where near florida … in fact, i’m going in totally the opposite direction; i just enjoyed this quick fact!)

now, you wouldn’t know it, but disneyland florida has a lot of underground tunnels running below it. the reason for all of these tunnels is that walt was disturbed by his characters wandering through the wrong areas to get to their stations – like, nothing ruins the magic like beast walking through tomorrowland 🙈

as such, he designed the second park (florida … the original was in california apparently 😳) on a super slight incline with a complex network of tunnels that run underneath. these tunnels allow the actors #sorrykids to navigate the park without being seen!

pretty clever to be honest … in fact, there are a couple of super clever things at the various disneylands 🤔

another one is that the architecture doesn’t tend to be as big as you think it is – for example, sleeping beauty’s castle is actually only 189ft tall … it just looks bigger due to painted bricks that get smaller as the get higher! 🙃

now, because we’re on a roll, here’s a final bonus fact – the characters at disneyland aren’t allowed to say ‘no’, break character or point directions with just one finger 👉🏻 … because it’s rude!

i think it’s probably best that i stop rambling now 😂 the original fact ended up really short, so i’ve just ended up filling 🙈 i promise less rushed facts in the future!

au revoir! 👌🏻 #tdil


if i’m honest, these posts are usually a bit better thought out than this one – i blame a lack of sleep … don’t believe me? go see for yourself ->here<-

(today’s image was taken by a dude called tuxyso … the license says I have to credit him 🙂. thanks to him, i’ve managed to find a good picture that I can actually use! full license is ->here<-)

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