today i learned – fri 1st sept 2017

how on earth is it the 1st september already?! what even is life 😒 …

anyway, today’s fact came about through just general curiosity whilst spending the whole day listening to old school rat pack songs 🎧

#tdil when the very first song was recorded 🎼 … i also found it on youtube!
thanks to the likes of apple music, spotify and soundcloud, music is totally something that we just take for granted these days … people my age will remember going to woolworths to buy cds! 📀

but have you never just wondered what the very first song to be recorded was? well, here’s the answer – it was a lady singing ‘claire de la lune’ way back on 9th april 1860! … in fact, it’s the song below! #itssupercreepy (you’ll have to skip the first 18 seconds if you want to get straight to the meat).

originally, it was thought that the first ever recording was in 1877 when thomas edison recorded his voice … but then, some 150 years later, the above appeared 😱.

interestingly, the song recorded in 1860 was never recorded to be listened to – it was created on a device called a ‘phonautograph’ and, at the time, a way to actually play the recording back hadn’t even been imagined! 🙃

wondering how we’ve managed to hear it now? well, scientists have managed to play it back using a ‘virtual stylus’ through specialist computer programs 👍🏻 …

you’ll notice that the pitch randomly changes throughout – that’s because the phonautograph required someone to turn a handle to record and it was real hard to keep at a constant speed 🙈.

pretty quick one today but it was pretty interesting! i like looking back on things that we take for granted these days to see where they came from … maybe we should do more of this? 🤔 let me know ✌🏻

peace out 🤘🏻 #tdil


really enjoyed this one 🙂 i hope that you did too! if you feel like reading more stuff, just go ->here<-

(that incredible looking creation is a phonautograph! #mad. license is ->here<-)

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