today i learned – mon 28th aug 2017

happy bank holiday y’all! gotta love a long weekend 😎 … means just four days at work this week 👌🏻 (for me, it’s four days before going off on holiday! 😬)

anyway, it’s a funny saying ‘bank holiday’ … ever wondered where it came from? 🤔 well, here you go 😉

#tdil when and where the name ‘bank holiday’ originated 🙌🏻

if i’m honest, i’ve been meaning to research this one since literally the start of this here majestic blog 🙈 … there’s every chance that we’ve already covered this and i’ve just forgotten 🙃 #awks

regardless, let’s get to it shall we? 😬 bank holidays are called bank holidays because back in the 19th century, it was a day where the banks were closed for trading, so that employees could get the books and accounts up to date 📊🗄📠

also known as public holidays, everyone else got to have the day off and super chill 🙌🏻 basically, no payments/transactions could be made on bank holidays … so why bother opening up shop?? 🤔

these days, bank holidays are much the same for banks – they still shut up shop – but the employees get the day off because the accounts are kept clean throughout the year 👍🏻 #efficiency

it’s actually pretty amusing how it’s changed; back then, shop dudes got the day off and bank dudes had to go to work … these days, bank dudes get the day off and shop dudes have to go to work! #switcharoo 😂

a lot of these public holidays were already placed on pagan festival days etc before they became ‘bank holidays’ … but that’s a whole long story that we aren’t getting into – if you want all of the gubbs, go ->here<-

seems like a bit of a cop out not going into all of that other stuff, but we were only going into the name in this little blog post! 😬 #lazy

hope you enjoyed nonetheless 👍🏻 have a sick bank holiday everyone 🙂

byeeeeee ✌🏻 #tdil


i like posts like this 👍🏻 they’re pretty informative but easy to nibble on … little nibble facts 🤤. if you wish for more, just go ->here<-

(it was hard to find an image of a ‘bank holiday’ … but i feel that the british seaside is a proper win 👍🏻. no license needed because i took it 😏)

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