today i learned – sun 27th aug 2017

if you’ve read a few of my earlier posts, then you’ll know that i’m a tad obsessed with good ole japan 🇯🇵

that said, we’ve been a little light on the japan facts … so here goes!

#tdil that only about 5% of wasabi served in restaurants, across the world, is actual wasabi! 😱 – that includes japan!

it’s true! we’ve all been lied to 😭 whilst you may think that you’ve been enjoying some spicy spicy wasabi with your sushi recently 🍣 you might actually have just been enjoying some standard horseradish powder mixed with mustard 😒

depressing isn’t it? all this time i’ve felt super cultural and i’ve actually just been eating something pretty standard 👎🏻

the reason for this is that actual wasabi is pretty expensive … like, in the states a pound of wasabi can cost up to $100 😳. it also doesn’t stay spicy for very long – losing its strength in just 10-15 minutes.

that said, in root mode, wasabi isn’t even spicy at all! it isn’t until it is grated into a paste that hot vapours are released and it gets its mad flavour 🙌🏻.

anyway, unless you paid many many 💰’s for your recent sushi hit, you probably weren’t eating the real deal 😕. after learning this, i’m questioning everything that i’ve ever known 😭 …

but apparently you can tell them apart because real wasabi is smoother and effects your smell holes more than your tongue (unlike fake wasabi that makes your tongue all tingly).

there you go peeps! i’ve always got your back … teaching you real from fake 😎 watch out next time you go to enjoy some delightful raw fishy 🐟

laterz 🍱 #tdil


don’t think i’ll ever look at sushi the same again 🙃. to help quench your upset, why not read some more blog posts ->here<- 👐🏻

(that picture looks ruddy delicious 🤤 it was also free to use! license can be found ->here<-)

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