today i learned – sat 26th aug 2017

bananas, interesting critters aren’t they? 🤔 like, they’re all be bendy and shizz 🍌 … monkeys love them …

but why on earth do they have to be ruined by horrendous stringy bits?! 😒 why can’t anything just be simple??

#tdil the reason why those stringy banana bits exist 👍🏻 we’ve all been there – picking stringy banana gubbs out of our teeth or trying (unsuccessfully) to peel a banana without the stringy menace appearing. but have you ever wondered why they’re even a thing?

well, i’ve done the leg work for you and it turns out that they’re actually quite important 😳 like, without them, no bananas 🍌

their actual name is ‘phloem bundles’ and they’re the things that ensure that the banana grows and survives whilst it is stuck to a tree 🌴.

they do this by transporting food from the leaves of the tree to the rest of the tree … in turn giving the banana nutrients and subsequently their flavour 👍🏻

that’s literally it 😂 to flesh out this post a little … here’s a bonus fact that’ll help you no longer have stringy bits!

all you need to do is peel it like a monkey – from the bottom to the stem … let’s face it, monkeys are the banana experts, so… 💁🏼 (this apparently works … it never has for me … but i can’t successfully do many things 😂)

right, that’s all the waffling i’ve got for you today 👌🏻 go forth and eat copious amounts of bananas … because they’re good for you!

ta tah 😬 #tdil


short and sweet today like a smooth talking hobbit 👍🏻 if you want to read more, you just need to go ->here<- 🙌🏻

(that picture is a monkey’s heaven 😱 it was taken my a dude called steve hopson and the license is ->here<-)

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