today i learned – fri 25th aug 2017

find your best hipster glasses and grab yourself a starbucks – it’s apple geek ‘o’ clock people 🤓.

today, we’re going for some random apple trivia that you might not have ever even realised!

#tdil that the icon used for apple maps actually includes apple’s headquarters – 1 infinite loop (told you it was geeky 😂)now, you may be wondering how this random find even came about 🙈 well, it’s all because i’m one of those geeks who runs the iphone ios beta software every year 📱.

whilst trying to learn what on earth was actually new in this week’s update, i happened to learn that they’d changed the maps icon to show a super small glimpse of their mad new spaceship campus.

that got me thinking: have they always included something like that? turns out that they have! ever since apple maps’ conception, the icon has always shown their long time hq!

i don’t know why, but i found this one actually pretty interesting … there’s not much too it but little bits of trivia like this are super fun, easy to digest and even easier to spout out randomly at opportune moments 😏 (or at pub quizzes).

that’s literally everything! 😅 … ios 11 is out in september, so enjoy your old school hq icon until then!

right, i’m rambling 🙃

ta rahhh 🤓 #tdil


wow, that one was pretty short 😂 if you still feel a craving for pub quiz fodder, you just need to go ->here<-

(zero copyright infringements (ish) today 😏 i screenshotted that image myself!)

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