today i learned – thurs 24th aug 2017

alright gang, we’re back to mythbusting today! 🤓

what i hope you take away from this – if you’re not already aware – is that you totally should trust the internet 🙈 treat it like a cute angry dog: give it a pat on the head and enjoy its company but don’t trust it won’t try to eat you 👍🏻

#tdil the rumours about nasa confirming 15 days of continual darkness in november are full on fake news 🙃

so, the story goes that a mad meeting of jupiter and venus will cause 15 days of continual darkness 🤔. the reason being that the two planets will be ‘seperated by just one degree’ … in turn, this will make venus shine 10 times brighter than jupiter. the subsequent bright light will heat up jupiter and cause a release of shed loads of hydrogen.

this hydrogen will then react with sun, causing the sun to change to a bluey hue that is dimmer than usual … hence the earth darkness 😅.

sold yet? apparently, there’s a 1000 page nasa document on it and everything! 😂 … there isn’t, it’s all one big lie! #fakenews

originally released in 2014 by a fake news website, this rumour has apparently been making the rounds for quite a while – with various news sites taking the details and changing the dates.

you may actually remember that it also appeared last year … claiming that we’d experience 15 days in november 2016 🙈 which we didn’t 🙃

so yeah, no super dark november i’m afraid (to be honest, i live in the uk … our november is always continually dark 😂). if you did want a super dark winter, you could always visit antartica? they just have six months of darkness 😶

the moral of this story is to be careful out there kids, there’s a lot of random pointless untrue info lurking about 👍🏻

i think that probably counts as my good deed for the day? 🤔

peace ✌🏻 #tdil


when will mythbusters finally let me on the show?! 😂 can’t wait until then 🙌🏻 … until that day, however, i’ll keep writing more posts like the ones you’ll find ->here<-

(as you can probably tell, that’s a majestic picture of jupiter 😬 i’m not sure if i’m allowed to use it 🙃 but it’s credit to nasa/jpl/university of arizona and can be found ->here<-)

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