today i learned – weds 23nd aug 2017

if you’ve ever watched dragon’s den, then you’ll be more than aware that there are some real rubbish inventions out there 🙈

you’d imagine, however, that a big company like nokia would know better 😳 this recent addition to their new phone may suggest otherwise 😅

#tdil that nokia have announced that their new nokia 8 will come with a feature that allows you to take a ‘bothie’ 😶right, first of all – ‘bothie’ 😷 #cringe … as an attempt at a ‘hip’ new word, i don’t think i can imagine anything worse 🙃.

‘what is a bothie?!’ i hear you cry! well, it’s nokia’s idea to revolutionise selfies – their new phone can use both cameras simultaneously to let you take a selfie and a normal picture/video at the same time 📱

now, it’s possible that i’ve finally turned old or that i don’t appreciate the true struggles of selfie taking (with this many chins, you generally don’t take too many selfies 😂) but i literally cannot see the point?! … it’s not like i’m not connected to tech/social media/emojis either – it’s my job to use it all!

i just can’t say that i’ve ever taken a photo and thought ‘hmmmm, i wish everyone could see my face squinting while i take this photo’ or ‘wow, ducks! 🦆 i feel like this cute video needs the addition of my face!’

granted, i might be being a bit harsh about this groundbreaking idea … but honestly, how often is this a problem in your life!? (honestly, please let me know in the comments!).

all of that said, used with the built in live streaming feature, it could be quite cute or it could be quite nice for capturing memories 👍🏻 like, when baby takes their first steps and you have to film/livestream it (#notonfacebookdidnthappen) you’ll be able to include your own reaction as well … which is a bit more family feeling and inclusive and nice 🙊.

otherwise, it’s probably just another gimmick that allows beauty instagrammers to take a picture of themselves and the person throwing up in the toilet opposite on a night out at the same time! 👍🏻 … honestly nokia, forget the gimmicks and just hurry up and release your new phone with snake! 🐍

wow! this was a very passive aggressive post 😂😂 for a geek, i apparently don’t actually like tech companies as much as i thought i did 🤓

i think i just miss snake 😢

laterz ✌🏻 #tdil


i swear that i’m not usually this passive aggressive 🙂 must be today’s music choice … don’t believe me? read more ->here<-

(finding an image of either nokia or snake that i could actually use as rather challenging 😒 as such, i had to go with a strange pc version 😭 license ->here<-)

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