today i learned – tues 22nd aug 2017

did you ever watch that film: journey to the centre of the earth? you know, that one where they tried to get to the … erm … centre of the earth? 🤔

i didn’t 🙈 but i always thought it was an impossible premise … like, how can it be possible to get allllll the way to the molten mantle that chills beneath? turns out, it’s totally possible 😳

#tdil there have been multiple attempts to drill to the centre of the earth 🌎 #saywhat?!ok, so i may have lied a little for effect 🙈 there haven’t been projects to get all the way to the core of the earth … but there have been multiple attempts to get to the part that makes up most of the earth’s structure – the mantle.

whilst it may not be the earth’s core, drilling into the mantle still isn’t an easy task … you need a really big drill and lots of money 💰. the mantle sits a whole 30-60 kilometres below continents 😳 #notideal … handily, it’s much easier to reach if you’re at sea 👍🏻 then it’s only something like six kilometres 🙌🏻.

wondering why scientists would even bother drilling all of that way? well, it’s all to do with understanding our planet! if scientists can get to the mantle and retrieve a sample of the gubbins down there, they should be able to get a better idea of what our earth is made of and how it evolved to have the structure that it does 😎.

that said, it’s been a quest for quite some time now and no one has been successful 😅 the first attempt was in the 60s! named ‘project mohole’ it was shut down after drilling just 183 metres due to it costing a shed load of money 🙃.

since then, there have been multiple attempts that, despite using newer and newer tech, have still failed ☹️ – there’s a lot to go wrong! like, aside from the bank manager saying no, you’ve got issues like running a six kilometre drill, extreme pressure levels (not stress pressure … pressure due to depth) and ultimately mantle that is way north of 1000 degrees 🔥🔥

all-in-all, it’s a pretty epic feat that people are trying to accomplish! until they manage it, however, scientists have found rocks that have travelled through the mantle and were ultimately spewed out of volcanoes or left at the bottom of the ocean.

whilst those rocks do help to give scientists an idea of what they want to learn … it’s just not the same as a super fresh sample – it’s like fresh fruit being better than old stuff; the old stuff loses some goodness and collects other random gubbs.

and there you have it – people have tried/are trying to journey to centre of the earth … ish. i’ll be honest, i’ve not really explained this in the most elegant of ways 😳 it might just be rocks, but it’s going over my head a tad today 😒

as such, if you’d like to know more than just these billy basics, you can visit my (much more qualified) source ->here<- 😬

anyway! have a great one 🙂

ta tah 🤓 #tdil


how mental is that?! drilling into the mad lava that sits below us 😱 feel like you need some more random info in your life? you just need to go ->here<-

(how menacing is that hole?! that’s not a drilled hole; it’s part of a volcano 🌋 but you get the idea! license is ->here<-)

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