today i learned – mon 21st aug 2017

i’ll be honest, this is possibly going to be a slightly rushed one 🙈 granted, if i want people to read these posts, i probably shouldn’t start with something like that 😅.

anyway, the reason for the rushing is partially due to #busy but also partially due to the topic of today’s fact!

#tdil the reason why insect bites start to itch more if you scratch them 🕷literally just writing this post is making me itchy all over 😭 but yeah, with it being summer, insects everywhere have decided that they want to have a nibble on out human flesh 😒

of course the result of this is those annoying little itchy red bumps 😕 but have you ever wondered why itching them makes them momentarily better but then majorly worse?

turns out that it all comes down to your bodies reaction to the foreign gubbins that insects leave behind in their bites … for this fact, we’re going to use mozzies as our insect of choice 👍🏻

when a lovely little mozzie decides to bite you and slurp up some of yo blood, it leaves behind a lil bit of bug spit … your body totally isn’t into this, so it reacts to remove the foreign gubbins by releasing various different antibodies and histamine (we’ve chatted about histamine before 👍🏻 that’s ->here<-)

the histamine is a good time because it helps out your white blood cells … however, it also triggers the swelling and small red bump 😢. scratching said red bump causes the body to turn a bit drama queen-ish and makes it go mad trying to remove the bug spit.

the result of this is more swelling and subsequently more itching 😭 … it’s a never ending circle of your body trying to remove foreign stuff and overreacting a bit to the scratching 🙃

the moral of the story? buy some bug bite cream and you’ll feel generally better about life 👍🏻👍🏻

this actually turned out to be an ok length 😬 … it was also 75% interesting 🙌🏻 so that’s always a plus!

byeeeeeeee 🦉 #tdil


well, that was fun, wasn’t it? feel like you’ve got more space for fact good times? you just need to go ->here<- for more!

(image licenses really confuse me 😭 i think i’m allowed to use this 🤔 hmmmmm … license is ->here<-)

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