today i learned – sun 20th aug 2017

today, we’re going kind of mythbusters 😎 these are undoubtedly some of my favourite posts! 😬 … second to space of course 👍🏻

unlike mythbusters, however, this is actually something true! 😏 i’ll be honest, i really really hoped that it was 😱

#tdil there really is sometimes a green flash when the sunsets ☀️ i honestly thought that this was just something of legend/pirates of the caribbean 🗺 (closest we’re getting to pirates). soooooo happy that it’s a real life actual thing 🙌🏻

now, there is one slight difference … it’s far from the giant flash that we witness in some films … it’s actually more of a slight green tinge to the sun. regardless, green does totally happen 🙊 look, i have a film to prove it!

see, i told you so! anyway, like me, you’re probably now wondering why on earth that happens?! why would the sun randomly turn green?!

well, it’s all done to how the atmosphere bends and scatters light 🌎. the phenomenon is super rare (apparently) but when conditions are just perfect, only green wavelengths of light reach your eyeballs … hence the mad green sun.

this happens because the atmosphere acts as a kind of a prism that separates light into various colours … when the sun is up in the air, all of the different colours overlap and can’t been seen individually. in the case of the mystical ‘green flash’, only the green light hits your sight stalks 👀.

unfortunately, the epic greenness doesn’t occur all of the time 😢 that’s because of those aforementioned ‘perfect conditions’. these conditions usually consist of a clear sky (no clouds etc), an unpolluted horizon (no haze) and an ocean (not always required) … basically, you need everything that we don’t have here in britain 🙃.

soooooo cool! like, i honestly thought this wasn’t a legit thing but it totally is! 🙊 i need to see it … like, right now! 😱

anyway, much love y’all … go forth and hunt out the green goodness! (the sun … not the hulk…)

au revoir! 🤢 #tdil


pretty good one today … love a good #mythbuster type deal! if you fancy reading some more good stuff, you just need to go ->here<- 😬


(that picture isn’t technically of the green flash … but it’s badass!? an f14 flying into a green sunset!? dude, seriously 😍. anyway, the license is ->here<-)

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