today i learned – fri 18th aug 2017

if you are one of those super cool people who shall be frequenting leeds or reading festival this year, you’re going to want to read this …

i’m afraid that i have dyer news for you … like, you may want to just get your refund now and save the hassle 😕

#tdil that pineapples have been banned from both leeds and reading 🍍 #actualtragedy like honestly, you know s club sang that song ‘tragedy’? this is almost certainly the day that they foresaw 😭.

so yeah, reading and leeds take place over the august bank holiday weekend 👍🏻 there are sick acts like muse and kasabian and eminem 😬 there won’t, however, be any pineapples.

that’s because pineapples have joined drones and fireworks on the banned list 😂 … i think it’s just mean that the organisers would be so discriminant towards pineapples! #pineapplerightsforall

wondering why on earth pineapples have been banned? well, i’d love to tell you … but i can’t really figure it out 🙃 you see, the reason for the ban is that pineapples feature in a song by glass animals; subsequently meaning that fans started taking pineapples to gigs.

that’s all well and good, but if i’m honest, i don’t get it?! a spokesperson told the bbc:

“Organisers were a little concerned about hundreds of pineapples turning up on site so decided to ask fans not to bring them along”

but why?! are they scared of pineapple related violence!? or people having to use the toilets too much because of excessive pineapple munching!? 😳 like, can someone please explain to me the issue with pineapples at music festivals!?!?!?

there’s not much else to say 😂 … glass animals have responded by saying that it’s ‘fruitest’ 🙈 but yeah, i’m rambling!

if you’re off to reading or leeds next week, have a great time! please don’t let the lack of pineapples sour your feels 😢

tatty bye 🙌🏻 #tdil


how utterly useless was that fact? 😂 if you’d like to learn something slightly more useful … you should click ->here<-

(no copyright issues today 👍🏻 once again, i created the picture 😬)

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